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I do not offer or will provide anyone with a refund or money-back guarantee. Spiritual work is not an exact science, so it's impossible to offer any kind of guarantee. My services are based upon my faith. You don't have to share my beliefs to request my services, but you do need faith and positive energy directed towards my work in order for your spell(s) request to manifest with a good outcome. If a client does not possess these requirements, spell work will not come out successful, or may take much longer to see results……………….. 


Therefore, NO REFUNDS, RETURNS OR EXCHANGES WILL BE GIVEN on any and all services  provided by www.Lovespellsbyjennifer.com This is non-negotiable and is directed towards any purchases made online, by mail, in-person or by phone. Once you have made payment and services have been rendered to you, we cannot provide you a refund, return or exchange whatsoever on any services or products provided. This is our policy, and if this is something you cannot comply with, please do not use our services, as we do not alter our policies for anyone for any reason



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I Was Going Through A Very Difficult Time In My Life I Felt Lost Alone And Very Confused In my Life And Have Givin Up On My Self Just As I Felt No Hope I Found Jennifer 

She Was There For Me All Hours Of The Day And Night And 

I Sure Did Confign In Her With Every Asppect In My Life 

She Gave Me hope And Helped Me Find MySelf  

And  Gain Clairity in life,  

Marcus Dwain, - Atlanta G.A

Thank You Miss Jennifer,

She Help My Love Life And Really Spiced Thing up With A Bonding Spell I Am For Ever Grateful For Your Services Ma'am



She Is The Best Hands Down I Have Been To Other Readers Berfore And She Is The First To Spend Time With Me 

Answser All Of My Questions  And Actually Give Me Results 

Where Other Spiritual Workers Have Failed 

She Is Honest And Very Caring Definitly Recomend Her 


Penelope R, - Houston TX

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